Custom Home Office Ideas

Prior to the pandemic – I was only using my home office here and there. Now with a country wide lockdown, I have been forced to work from home. My home office setup was less than ideal so over the past few months I decided to transform this work from home office with floating shelves, a Karly desk setup, and a beautiful built-in.

Being an architect, I always start with a design. I will run rough through home office design ideas then we will jump into the home office build. This includes a few Ikea hacks for an affordable built-in unit. I use off the shelf pine shelving to create floating shelves and for a desktop. Once everything is complete, we will look at the cost of setting up this home office.
I think you guys will really enjoy this DIY office makeover/Home office build out! Take a look and let me know in the comments if you liked this new format!

– – – CHAPTERS – – –
00:00 – Intro
00:58 – 3D model and Design
01:54 – Built Out
02:36 – Floating Shelves Construction
05:43 – Paint
07:22 – Trim for Built-In Cabinet
07:51 – Back Wall Assembly
08:49 – Cost Breakdown – FLOATING SHELVES
09:43 – Cost Breakdown – LOWER BUILT-INS
10:30 – Cost Breakdown – PAINT
10:49 – Cost Breakdown – ENTIRE BACKWALL
11:03 – Cost Breakdown – DESK
11:47 – Cost Breakdown – TOTAL FULL HOME OFFICE COST
12:14 – Outro